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  • City E-Bike

    40 kilometres to your favourite restaurant?

    Turns chores into leisure, simply by adding the new Grand Towner. This comfortable city bike brings all the power of a touring bike and its relaxed, natural riding style seduces you to ride further than you planned. At the heart of this bike is the Bosch Performance Line motor, which supports you with up to 75 Nm. Depending on the model, you can choose either the 500 Wh or 625 Wh battery which is charged conveniently via a quick access on the top tube. For those who aren’t just seeking a daily companion, but for ultimate relaxation in the great outdoors.

    A quick 20 km visit to the bakery?

    With its upright riding position, the Towner is especially comfortable – enticing you to ride longer. And thanks to the reliable support of the up to 50 Nm from the Bosch Active Line Plus motor and its 500 Wh battery, your tour on the outskirts of town is far from over! The Towner is a bike for everyday use, but above all else is your opportunity to discover new places, planned or spontaneous.

    Ride for your city

    Discover a new rhythm to your city with Husqvarna‘s Eco City LE E-Bikes.  Light, easy to maneuver and agile; breeze through traffic and unearth new experiences within the urban jungle and beyond.

    Exceed The Demands Of City Life

    The Grand City takes commuting in its stride. From home to the office, running errands and meeting social occasions, it navigates its urban environment effortlessly. A functional low-step frame, powerful pedal-assist motor and battery, comfortable riding position and essential cycling accessories make the versatile Grand City ideal for everyday city living.

    Choose between a range of stylish commuter urban and city e-bikes.

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