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    Available in two sizes, these exciting, lightweight, electric balance bikes allow children to start riding with confidence at an early age. 

    Harnessing essential skills such as balance, bike control, and hand-eye coordination, youngsters will quickly find their love for all things two wheels. The Husqvarna eDrive is available in two sizes - 12eDrive and 16eDrive - allowing children as young as three to ride independently and with confidence. Both models feature three selectable power modes, plus a non-powered coast mode, with a run time of up to 60 minutes and a charging time from 30 minutes.

    Husqvarna 12eDrive
    Let the two-wheel fun begin

    The smallest model in the range, the Husqvarna 12eDrive is perfect for 3-5-year-old boys and girls looking to ride a balance bike for the first time. From getting to grips with the basics of balance while the power is off, to feet-up riding while operating a bike with a throttle and brake, the 12eDrive is the fastest way for all boys and girls to gain confidence on two wheels.

    There is a choice of three power modes for safe learning. The lowest power mode (Training) offers a maximum speed of 8 km/h, while the highest power mode (Advanced) sees this increase to 14 km/h. The 12eDrive tips the scales at a child-friendly and lightweight 7.7kg. Thanks to its low seat height of 33cm, 12” composite wheels with pneumatic tyres, footrests, and child-specific ergonomics, true bike riding skills will quickly become second nature.

    Husqvarna 16eDrive
    Start the ride

    Stepping up in wheel size, the Husqvarna 16eDrive is for children aged between 4-8 years old. Larger wheels, bigger frame geometry, and increased power (compared to the 12eDrive) allows children to take their riding to the next level.

    The 16eDrive features a true twistgrip throttle, to encourage precise right-hand control of the power. With a linear power curve, kids learn how to both operate the throttle and manage the power output from the off. The 16eDrive has three power modes. The lowest output (Training mode) has a maximum speed of 8 km/h, which increases to 21 km/h for the High Advanced Mode.

    Perfect for 4-8-year-olds up to 34kg, the 16eDrive has a seat height of 43cm meaning boys and girls can easily keep their feet on the ground when at a standstill or dab a foot while on the move, if the need arises. Weighing in at just 9kg including the battery, the 16eDrive is easy to manoeuvre, with the 16” composite wheels with pneumatic tyres ready to tackle any terrain. Child-specific ergonomics and footrests ensure hitting the trails is a breeze for all young riders.