Mountain Cross MC6

New carbon frame

Expect faster, better rides. The MC6’s new, lighter carbon frames enhances comfort, diminishes rigidness and makes climbs a swifter endeavour.

One-fit rear frames

Easy, simple, fuss-free spare part supply. The rear frames of the new MY22 off-road models, including the MC6; have uniformed bearings, axles and screw fittings - all mutually compatible.

Fast release battery lock

Quick, easy battery swapping and charging. The MC6’s new highly-secure battery lock ensures hassle-free battery replacement.

Supportive dynamic chassis for drive efficiency

The MC6’s chassis diminishes deflection during acceleration – ultimately preventing energy loss, and optimising conversion of the pedal force into power. Coupled with the new EP8 drive unit, enhanced power and response becomes the standard.

New seating position and ride dynamics

Handling - now optimised like never before. The new geometry of the MC6 stations its rider in a more central, deeper position on the bike – granting unparalleled handling and smoother rides.

Passive motor & battery cooling

Anticipate more power and range, less heat build-up. The MC6 features a freestanding motor that dissipates heat from every surface. Likewise the batteries; excess heat is dissipated via the new ventilation grille on the head tube and ventilation ribs on the SkidPlate.