Pure Adrenaline

E-MTBs designed specifically for difficult trails over demanding terrain.

Hard Cross

Versatile E-MTBs for trails or long trips over rugged terrain or in the mountains.

Mountain Cross

Straightforward and versatile E-MTBs for trips over easygoing to moderate terrain.

Light Cross


Adventure calls

E-bikes for adventures off the road and in light terrain.


Touring e-bikes for long distances on the road and light gravel roads.


E-bikes for off-road adventures and easygoing terrain.

Cross Tourer

Touring e-bikes for longer road trips and easygoing dirt tracks.

Gran Tourer


Roam to the urban jungle

E-bikes for everyday mobility and leisure activity especially for villages and suburbs.

Grand Towner

E-bikes for urban mobility and leisure.


Reliable e-bikes for everyday use.

Gran City

Attractive pricing and reliable e-bikes for everyday use.

Eco City