• Get ahead with pioneers


  • Mountain Cross MC3

    Highly durable and lighter than ever. The MC3 consist of an alloy frame that is 0.7kg lighter than to its predecessors.

    Lighter Alloy frame

    Easy, simple, fuss-free spare part supply. The rear frames of the new MY22 off-road models, including the MC3; have uniformed bearings, axles and screw fittings - all mutually compatible.

    One-fit rear frame

    Handling - now optimised like never before. The new geometry of the MC6 stations its rider in a more central, deeper position on the bike – granting unparalleled handling and smoother rides.

    New kinematics

    Tried, tested and verified – the choice battery on the MC3 is reliably durable, efficient and packs a total of 630 Wh and 36 V. Compatible with Husqvarna predecessor models.

    Core S1 battery

    Ergonomically positioned for optimal accessibility, coupled with the newly design charger port with magnetic closure and underlying sealing cap - charging the MC3 is swift.

    Easy charging

    Anticipate more power and range, less heat build-up. The MC3 features a freestanding motor that dissipates heat from every surface. Likewise the batteries; excess heat is dissipated via the new ventilation grille on the head tube.

    Passive motor & battery cooling