Pure Adrenaline

E-MTBs designed specifically for difficult trails over demanding terrain.

Hard Cross

Enduro E-Bikes

Versatile E-MTBs for trails or long trips over rugged terrain or in the mountains.

Mountain Cross

All Mountain E-Bikes


Adventure calls

E-bikes for off-road adventures and easygoing terrain.

Cross Tourer

SUV E-Bikes

Touring e-bikes for longer road trips and easygoing dirt tracks.

Gran Tourer

Trekking E-Bikes


Roam to the urban jungle

Reliable e-bikes for everyday use.

Gran City

City E-Bikes

Attractive pricing and reliable e-bikes for everyday use.

Eco City

City E-Bikes


The journey starts here

Available in two sizes, these exciting, lightweight, electric balance bikes allow children to start riding with confidence at an early age.

Electric Balance Bikes

Electric Balance Bikes