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    Our most adaptable e-bike yet, the Grand Pather is a fun machine for touring that also doubles up as your dependable daily urban commuter. From navigating busy streets to exploring leafy cycleways and open countryside, it does it all with ease. With a robust aluminium frame, front suspension, 29” wheels, fully adjustable ride set up, and available in two frame options, it is a joy to ride on even the longest of tours. Fitted with a large capacity 720 Wh battery in the GP6 and GP5, with a 630 Wh battery in the GP4, the Grand Pather encourages you to go the distance.

    Start Planning Your Next Adventure

    The new Husqvarna Pather meets all the demands of touring and leisure cycling. Available in both full suspension and front suspension options, like never before it allows riders to open a door into a new world of adventure trekking. With six models, all built to Husqvarna’s renowned standards and influenced by elegant Scandinavian styling, the affordable Pather is here to make your next tour the best one yet.

    Steep 40 km forest path, just seeking a view?

    This is the e-bike for long rides on gentle terrain. Thanks to the powerful SR SUNTOUR suspension fork, you stay safely in control on all surfaces. The power of the Bosch Performance Line motor supports you with up to 75 Nm and, depending on the model, you can choose a 500 Wh or 625 Wh battery. Created not only to increase your range but boost the value of recreation – because being active has never felt so comfortable.

    Only 60 km around the lake?

    With the Tourer, you make “endurance” your middle name without any extreme training. You’ll be a pleasure cyclist who sees and experiences more, and growths with every new discovery. With smart luggage facilities, you can carry everything you need on long distance cycling tours. The Bosch Performance Line motor supports you with up to 75 Nm. Depending on the model, the Tourer is equipped with a 500 Wh or 625 Wh battery, which you can charge via an easily accessible access point in the top tube.

    Looking for an e-bike that can take on any journey, an electric touring & trekking bike might be for you.

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