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    Driven by the passion for 2 wheels, your path often takes you far away from your daily routine. Out on the road or if the way home takes a little longer, an active lifestyle demands clothing that offers more functionality without forgetting comfort and style. You are constantly on the road and cover many miles? Then the Ride collection is the ultimate choice for your life on the street.


    If the pioneering spirit tempts you to go in search of new experiences, the Explore clothing line fits your adventurous lifestyle perfectly. No matter if you make your way through dense forests, climp upon a mountain or just explore the area: The innovative functionality of this collection was developed to withstand everything Mother Nature has to offer.


    Every day you write your own story. You take your destiny into your own hands and your lifestyle demands clothes that suit your progressive mentality. Live is a comfortable, stylish collection that's perfect for everyday use and it's designed to reflect Husqvarna's Swedish roots to show the world what you're made of.

    Who says functional apparels can’t look good? Ours are engineered to take on the grittiness of excursions, coupled with stylish sensibilities; granting riders comfort and confidence in their adventures and appearance.

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    Our apparel is available at your local Husqvarna E-Bicycles dealer.

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