• Husqvarna E-Bicycles.

  • About us

    We are going to change the world – one ride at a time.

    If history has taught us anything, it is that change is the only constant – and it is inevitable. We not only believe this, we embrace it. We believe the future is promised as long as its possibilities are pushed for in the present. That is why we’ve geared ourselves to achieve one simple task; move e-mobility forward. Our first chapter? Normalize the highest expectations of alternate mobility – and we’re starting with our E-Bicycles.

    New kid on the block? Who, us?

    Being a direct lineage of one of the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer has its perks; for one – we’re far from being a fresh face in the world of two-wheel mobility; but more importantly, we are an evolution of a vision that has been refining itself for over a 100 years. What you see before you is the newest and most sophisticated manifestation of the Husqvarna ingenuity. If our Husqvarna legacy is anything to go by – we’re here for the long game, and mediocrity just won’t do.

    Get up, get on, let’s go!

    What will the future hold? Its breath, that’s what.
    We’re here, the route is clear, and we’re charged up.
    We intend to innovate faster, stronger, and better than those in our league.
    The intentions are two-fold; to empower everyone to be riders; and switch up the category like never before.


    Let’s ride.