• Make it a summer on two wheels

    How to maximise your rides

  • Explore the great outdoors

    Trekking, touring and those ‘take me away from it all’ cycle rides! Don’t miss out on an amazing summer of two-wheeled fun and adventure.

    Summer is here and the great outdoors is waiting to be explored on two-wheels. Getting on a bike and immersing yourself in nature isn’t just time well spent, it’s the best way to spend time. Trekking, tours and leisurely cycle rides are all relaxing ways to go cycling – ways to enjoy scenic surroundings and spend quality time with family and friends.

    With our full range of electric touring bikes, heading out into nature is just a pedal-assisted bike ride away. To help you on your road to a summer of incredible fun times in the saddle, we’ve put together a guide to maximise your ride-outs…

    Pedal-Assist Living

    Get ready to fall in love with pedal-assisted touring and trekking. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it as you cruise along a seaside promenade or breeze your way up the mountain on glorious gravel tracks. All our electric bikes use Shimano motors. World-renowned, they feature the latest in technology. With different ranges of torque to choose from, each motor has various power settings to suit your style of riding. Internal sensors continually analyse riding conditions and rider effort to always deliver the optimum assistance needed. Of course, you still need to pedal, but that’s part of the fun!

    Shimano EP8 Motor

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    Touring E-Bikes


    Forward Planning

    The weekend is coming, the weather forecast looks awesome, and your bike is good to go. But remember, always plan ahead. Sure, it’s fun to head off with no cares and no set idea of where you want to go, but finding inspiring routes and thoroughly planning an epic journey not only ensures the best possible outcome, it’s fun too. Talk with friends about rides they’ve taken, rides you’re thinking of taking, and check local tourism websites for information on routes in specific areas. This will help you to know in advance how long a tour is, what you can expect, or make you aware of any surprise climbs or changes in terrain or road surface. You can also learn what lunch stop serves up the best coffee and cake and boasts the most epic views.

    You never quite know what road surface lies ahead, so be prepared. Will the silky-smooth asphalt turn to potholes and dirt? If it does, then our bikes have you covered with suspension. All bikes feature front suspension, while others have it front and rear. This helps the bicycle react better to changes in terrain, maintain optimum levels of grip, while providing you with the most comfortable ride possible.

    Iron Out The Bumpy Roads

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    Know Your Range

    Cycling is amazing. That feeling of a fresh breeze on your face or wind on your back as you lose yourself in nature, it’s why we ride. But remember - the further you cycle away from your starting point, the further it is to come back! Our ebikes have long-range batteries (when fully charged!) and LCD displays to show available range left, but even still, it’s important to know your limits. Thankfully, all this comes with experience. Start out small and build from there. Also try to do a loop tour instead of point-to-point, so that you’re never too far from home. Look out for cafe stops with charging stations. They are a perfect excuse to enjoy a spot of lunch, or a coffee, while you top up the battery.

    Tailor Your Ride

    When you begin to do longer tours more frequently, it’s important to have a bike that fits you. Our design team have taken care to ensure we can tailor fit our bikes as closely to you as possible. Firstly, there’s the online sizing calculator to determine your perfect frame size. Adjustable seat posts, saddle positions, handlebar heights and reach mean there’s no shortage of configurations to find that optimum fit. Second, special models are available in three different frame types: Gent, Lady, Wave.

    Cycle Yourself Fit

    “I’m not fit enough for that tour”, is something we hear a lot of. Don’t worry, there is no minimum distance you must cycle on a tour. Five kilometres or 50, who cares! Thirty minutes on your bike for a picnic with spectacular views sounds like an incredible day out to us. Be honest with yourself and set realistic distances. But don’t feel pressured and don’t take on more than you can manage… it’s what you get out of a ride, not the distance, that’s important.

    Don’t Get Caught Short

    You’ve packed everything into those panniers, from fresh croissants to sandwiches, a coffee flask, even a great book. But leave some room for bike spares. Now, we’re not talking about anything substantial, just the ‘get-you-home’ basics. A spare bicycle tube (the right size for your wheel of course!), a hand pump, tyre levers and a multi-tool. Chances are they’ll live forever at the bottom of the pannier, but they will always be there in case of an emergency.

    We love to see your rides, so make sure to tag us on Instagram of where your Husqvarna E-Bicycles takes you next.

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