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    So, you have decided to use an e-bike as your daily commuter – ace!

    There a few things to pay close attention to when considering daily e-bike commutes. We’ll ride you through below.

    Know the Kind of Ride You Need

    If you’re going to use your e-bike beyond commuting to work /class (read: transport your shopping down paved roads, be out and about even in bad weather), you probably need a low-maintenance, robust e-bike with componentry suitable for everyday use.

    A hardtail – a bike without suspension at the rear, but with a suspension fork at the front – is perhaps the best choice. Options for fenders, carrier, and lighting are also important, and should be easy to add to your bike.

    Make Sure Your Bike Fits You!

    For an investment as big as an e-bike, it’s important to make sure the ride you choose, feels like it was made for you… like a well-tailored suit!

    Start by knowing which size bike frame you need, loosely based on your height. Beyond frame size, an e-bike's frame geometry will determine how it is supposed to fit your unique body measurements. Visiting a bike shop is the best way to dial in your fit so that your knees, shoulders, back, feet and hands are properly aligned for the riding position you need.

    Do the Numbers and Features Seem Right?

    An e-bike’s motor is integral to the frame and cannot be easily swapped like other components. Husqvarna traditionally relies on Shimano motors and for its range of Gran Urban commuter e-bikes, it has also chosen a mid-motor setup from the Japanese brand. Offering about 50 Nm of urge, the motor delivers a pleasant and well-dosed thrust that suits a sporty and agile riding style on busy streets. 

    But should you rely on a traditional chain, or a cutting-edge belt system when it comes to the bike’s drive? Husqvarna’s selection of a Gates belt system for power transmission is both a brilliant and sensible choice as the maintenance intervals of the gearshift and the entire drive package are significantly extended.

    Couple all this with the tried and tested, good-natured Nexus gearshift, and you can effectively change gears easily and reliably every time. And as e-bike commuting becomes more popular, hub gears are appearing on more bikes. Internal gears on Husqvarna commuter e-bikes make sense for an urban bike: they require similar care as derailleurs, but also lets you to shift gears even while stationary!

    A Commanding View Ahead Counts

    If you are going to be doing something often, as often as daily morning and evening commutes to and from work, for example, then your e-bike needs to be properly equipped for the task. 

    Choosing an e-bike model with a high handlebar that would allow you to sit upright would be my preferred sitting position for commutes. Why? There are several considerations for this choice.

    • Your back needs to be straight and not bent forward as on most sports bike models. This sitting position will take care of your back, especially if you are not a regular biker and just starting. You will not feel tired or feel any back pain afterwards.
    • The upright sitting position gives better visibility, which is critical during a city commute, as cities can become quite busy during rush hour.
    • Having an upright sitting position will make one enjoy rides more. There’s no need to bend your neck to look forward. You will naturally see everything that is happening in front of you, thus a more pleasant experience on each commute!
    • For the same reason as above, an upright riding position is safer for riding at night as it gives better visibility in traffic.

    Stopping Well is Key!

    More power, more speed and a heavier frame means you’ll need to start slowing down sooner on your e-bike than on a normal bike, especially when commuting in a challenging urban environment.

    That’s why Husqvarna has always given braking systems plenty of focus! For instance, in addition to responsive Shimano disc brakes on the front and rear wheels, the Gran Urban also has a coaster brake which can be controlled gently and easily. 

    Power to the People

    Having a detachable battery for your e-bike is a convenience that will help you have more battery power when you need it. After all, what would you do if you have forgotten to charge your e-bike overnight and need to leave on your daily commute in a few minutes?                                                                                 

    So, it may also be useful to buy a second charging unit and keep it at your destination point. Also, having a detachable battery is a good security measure too. Batteries are often some of the most expensive parts of an e-bike so detaching it and taking it with you, especially if you leave your e-bike on public parking for many hours, makes your e-bike less attractive to thieves. Batteries that are fully integrated in a bicycle’s frame typically gives Husqvarna commuter e-bikes between 40 to 50 kilometers of assisted range.

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