• Why We Ride E-Bikes

    Juha Salminen

  • How one of motorcycling’s greatest world champions has found a new passion for two wheels in eMTB...

    When you’re a 'retired' 13-time motorcycle world champion like Juha Salminen it’s hard to sit still. While racing motorcycle enduro is now a thing of the past for the Finnish sporting legend, two wheels remain his passion. But now it’s on his eMTB.  

    Bigger rides, local laps, exploring forgotten corners of forestry and keeping his trial skills sharp are just some of the ways Juha now spends his time mountain biking on his Hard Cross 8. As he puts it though, the thing he enjoys most about these pedal-assisted rides is the lack of planning. If the trail runs into a dead end, you just spin a 180 and go find another.

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