Kevin Gallas

Nationality: German
Kevin rides: Mountain Cross 6

Who is Kevin

Kevin Gallas has a passion for two wheels that runs deep. Well established as a motorcycle enduro racer, he’s one of Germany’s top offroad riders, already a world champion in his chosen sport.

From going head-to-head with the world’s best at iconic events like the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo extreme enduro to making light work of riding super-sized adventure motorcycle, when it comes to transferring his skills to eMTB, Kevin’s also got game when cranking the pedals.

Using mountain biking as a way of spending even more time on two wheels, seeking out isolation and natural beauty are what motivates the German and his Mountain Cross to ride further and harder.


All Levels Catered For

“Switching to eMTB has reminded me just how much I enjoy riding mountain bikes. I was never the biggest fan of suffering on the climbs or doing multiple days of riding on a regular MTB, but the eMTB changes that - it’s a new way of riding.

It’s more inclusive too. All ability and fitness levels can mix. You can meet with all your friends and have a sick day's riding together. That’s probably the best thing about it.”


Moto-Crossover Benefits

“With a trial background, my balance and bike control helps me a lot on trails. So far, I haven’t found a technical trail that’s out of my comfort zone. The more technical the better, that’s what I like the most. Also, moto jumps are always bigger than MTB jumps, so you feel safer hitting those shorter gaps.”


“Get up early and head out for a big loop in the mountains. I plan routes where I can make the most downhill sections. When it comes to climbing, I like the more challenging uphills. They might be steeper, shorter and more technical than the gravel roads, but they are way more fun. After a lunch stop for some nice food and a quick battery charge, it’s time to go back out for another run. If you can ride for two full batteries on an eMTB then you’re a champ!”

The Ideal Bike Ride


Gran Canaria With Guido

“I’m trying to tick some dream locations off my list. I was in Gran Canaria with Guido during the winter and that was amazing. He knows the area quite well and for a relatively small island, the trails are incredible. You can ride from the mountain peaks to the sea. Finale Ligure, Madeira and Whistler are all on my bucket list to ride.”


Once You Go Mullet, You’ll Never Go Back

“Everything is so good on the Mountain Cross. The mullet wheel setup is a big step forward. The 29” front wheel just rolls over everything so easily. As a taller rider, the larger front wheel gives you more space on the bike too. I feel more comfortable on the downhills. The smaller rear wheel makes the bike nicer to turn in the air. It’s an all mountain bike that’s perfect for riding trails anywhere in the world.”


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