• A guide on choosing your first electric bike (and what to look out for).

    New to urban e-bikes? We've got you.

  • E-Bike Buyer's Guide: City & Urban

    To shape up, commute or simply just doing more for the environment…

    Whatever the reason, many have re-evaluated how they’d like to travel in 2021 and beyond. Unsurprisingly, e-bike popularity has gone through the roof! But how does one go about choosing the right e-bike for the city?

    Understand Your Needs

    Comfort is key when navigating city streets – go for a step-through frame, it really makes a difference. Next comes looks. Some prefer their e-bikes to look like regular MTBs, others may want to swag out their electric motor a little more. Husqvarna E-Bicycles’ commuter models prominently highlights Shimano motor’s with batteries specially developed for each bike, blending handsomely into the design.

    Is climbing crucial? Then the crisp and precise electronic shifting of a Shimano 11- or 12-speed drivetrain is what you’ll need. Coupled with the Shimano hydraulic two-piston brakes with massive rotors, rest assured you have absolutely nothing to worry about (except for maybe the urge to take on every steep paths you see). Shimano’s STEPS drive unit on Husqvarna E-Bicycles’ urban range also gives riders a handy walk assist feature, while giving a natural braking feel as well.

    If riding long distances is your aim, you’ll appreciate the 504-watt-hour battery that’s also standard. Pretty neat, huh?

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    Get Comfortable With Your Local E-Bike Ecosystem And Offerings

    You should judge the place you purchase your e-bike on three points: vibe, commitment, and quality.

    The vibe is the feeling you get when you walk into the shop. Is the staff friendly, knowledgeable and helpful? Commitment refers to the shop’s visible enthusiasm for electric bikes. Do they have many e-bikes or just a few stuck in the back of the shop? Knowing that the shop is committed to the electric bicycle movement means they will be willing and wanting to help you make the most of your electric bike years down the road.

    And of course, trying out as many e-bikes as possible is also important. This allows you to put aside specs, reviews and research, and just answer the most basic questions: ‘Do I love this bike?’; ‘Does it ride in the way I need it to?’; ‘Does it have the quality and functionality I would like?'.

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    Make Sure You Get Peace Of Mind

    One must remember that e-bikes are not toys – they are fun to ride no doubt, but they are first and foremost an amazing and efficient mode of transportation. The quality of the bicycle itself, irrespective of the drive system, is extremely important, and doubly important if you plan on riding it day in and day out.

    While bicycle component quality is fairly easy to judge by looking over the listing of parts, motors and batteries can be a little more difficult. When in doubt, research the motor and battery brands. But remember that the quality of the components won’t make much of a difference if your electric bike is not set up and tuned correctly. Your local dealer is your ally in maintaining the quality components you invested in.

    Sure, there may be countless exciting e-bike deals on offer online, in a worst-case scenario you may have problems. So, no matter what happens, you will want to be within 80 km of your place of purchase so that they can help you. Besides, your patronage assures that local electric bike experts will be there for you when you need them for years to come.